West-Ter Oy Company was established in 2010, and since that time it has been involved in project development and equipment manufacturing for railway infrastructure companies.

At present, the company provides research and development of computer monitoring and control systems for railways track maintenance machines, develops and produces wearing spare parts for ballast cleaning and tamping machines.

West-Ter Oy is a supplier for Finland, Lithuanian, Latvian, Ukranian, Belorussia, Kazakhtan, France and Russian railways infrustructure companies. The company has relations with the following teams:

  • Pallasoja Oy
  • Noptel Oy
  • Muototera Oy
  • GoodPri Oy
  • ReliaSowel Oy
  • VR Track A.S.
  • VR Track Ltd
  • Savonia University of Applied Sciences
  • UAB Gelezinkelio Tiesimo Centras
  • Transporto Aptarnavimo Centras UAB
  • Sprocket LLC
  • Laser Technology Center Ltd
  • St.Petersburg Polytechnic State University

For the period of almost 5 years of close cooperation with railways companies, West-Ter Oy has engineered number of computer systems and spare parts for track maitenance machines, and modernized more than 10 types of ballast cleaning and tamping machines. At the moment, the company has following core activities:

  • Development and provision of ballast cleaning and tamping machines with high-technology computer systems, such as a real-time monitoring and diagnostic system of most important parts of track machines. It also includes automated control systems of ballast cleaning and track surfacing processes, which improve the quality of track maintenance, increase productivity, reduce operation cost, as well as allow considerable simplification and safety of the work executed by the personnel.
  • Development and manufacturing of spare parts and units of ballast cleaning and tamping machines to improve their operating properties and increase service lifetime by advanced technologies and engineering solutions.
  • Engineering of 100 meters rails welding plants, technology equipment, crane systems for front and side unloading of 100 and 800 meters long rails.

West-Ter Oy company pays much attention to quality of output products. It is achieved due to teamwork and educated staff having a vast experience both in engineering and manufacturing.

Our specialists are always ready to provide the required advisory support, find a solution to demanding technology questions and consider additional cooperation issues.