Wearing spare parts manufacturing for ballast cleaning machines

12Undertrack beams with turning bends, which are made by the company, are used as a guide structure for a raking-out chain and have different lengths.

Type of Ballast cleaning machine

Length of an undercutting bar, mm


2190; 2400



RM-76, RM-80, RM-95

1770; 1900; 2360


1920; 2530

                                                              excavating chainThe company produces excavating chains for every type
of ballast cleaning machines made both in Europe and overseas.excavating shovel

14The company produces wearing plates for every types of ballast cleaning machines for undecutting bars, guiding chutes and bends.

15The company produces a vibration units for all types of ballst cleaning machines.

16The company produces run-around (supporting) rollers complete with axles for every types of ballast cleaning machines.
Production of customized run-around (supporting) rollers is possible.

17Screens are produced using two methods: it could be made of a shaped bar and than woven, and cut out of a steel plate.

Screens are made for vibration screening unit of ballast cleaning machines of every types, as well as for ballast manufacturing plants.

Production of woven and cut screens with customized dimensions is possible - up to 2 meters length no welded.

18The company produces sprockets for excavating chains for all types of ballast cleaning machines.
Production of customized drive sprockets of different sizes up to 1,8 veters diameter is possible.

chutesChutes are a part of a undercutting excavating system and used as a guide structure for Ballast supply to vibration screens unit by means of a undercutting chain. The chutes produced by the company are to be installed on most types of Ballast cleaning machines. It is possible to produce customized chutes for special operation condition of ballast cleaning machines.bcm chutes 2