During the period of almost 20 years our company has been producing spare parts and assemblies for track machines of different types, including Ballast cleaning ones. There is constant close contact with track facilities on railways of the Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the Baltics. Based on many years’ experience of designing and production of spare parts, our company at close cooperation with railway companies and specialists has developed a number of fundamental improvements of assemblies and units of Ballast cleaning machines, which allow reducing the time required for the machine maintenance, as well as reducing costs for repair of a railway and considerably improving Ballast cleaning quality. At present, we are in the process of successful performance of modernization work of Ballast machines (as of today, more than 50 pieces have been modernized). Our company has developed a system of activities for complex modernization of Ballast cleaning machines.

Those activities mean replacement of standard assemblies with modernized ones that are made by West-Ter Oy:

  • chutes;
  • receiving hopper
  • transfer hoppers
  • conveyors with cleaning devices
  • screen with possibility of vibration frequency control
  • ballast punching system
  • lifting and straightening device
  • PILOT-M test and measurement system
  • PILOT-MA undercutting bar position automation system
  • PILOT-R reduction gear motor control system
  • PILOT-V video monitoring system
  • PILOT-D on-line diagnostics system of track machine infrastructure.

The above improvements allow considerably improving operating quality of Ballast cleaning machines and increasing their capacity, which in turn increases inter-repair period of the track operation.