Rail load gripping tongs


  • Available certificate;
  • Reliable operation;
  • Observance of requirements of the state technical supervision;
  • Multifunctionality – lifting and movement of rails behind bottom/head, canting of rails, capture of rails in one or more pieces, lifting and safe movement of rails of different lengths;
  • Narrow profile – use of individual types of load grippers for any separate operation: unloading of tractive connections, separation of milled rails, transfer to the technology line.

A certificates are issued for every types of hoist and tongs.

Hoisting beam.

In order to ensure safety of workers involved in loading/unloading operations with used rails of non-typical length of 6 to 24 m and necessity of their being laid, sorted and transferred to technology line, beams with length of 2 and 6 m and with lifting capacity over 2,000 kg have been mnufactured.